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Cloudera Cares Action Report commemorates 3 years of service and giving


The Cloudera Data4Change program has three focus areas:


Grant-supported projects

Most of our resources are dedicated to our grantmaking program, which aims to establish deep partnerships with nonprofit organizations who use data to tackle some of society’s most intractable problems.

Capacity Building

We also support activities that help build the nonprofit capacity to use data for mission-related purposes


Responsible use of data

We support efforts that strengthen the conditions for the responsible nonprofit use of data.

Data4Change grant-supported projects

A Cloudera Data4Change partnership involves more than just funding—it comes complete with powerful open source-based data management software and a team of experts, including volunteers within the company, to use the technology to solve the human, social, or environmental problem at hand to its fullest potential. Because these partnerships are comprehensive, we are able to work with only a limited number of partners in a given year.



During the exploration process, we get an initial sense of which components of the Cloudera Inc. platform will be needed to address the nonprofit’s data challenge. Once a grantee is selected, the company donates supported cloud consumption credits and/or licenses. In the case of current grantees, these licenses represent a value of more than USD$100,000.

Technical support

Our data technologists consult and assist the grantee in setting up the technical platform and conducting data analysis and machine learning. In doing so, we draw on the specialized knowledge of the many corporate volunteers at our disposal. Training that is customized to the grantees’ needs is also part of the package.

Financial grants

In addition to providing software and technical assistance, we provide financial grants for hardware and data storage, as well as staffing support. We are also committed to using Cloudera Inc.’s network of partners to access additional in-kind contributions. Projects we take on will need to demonstrate that they have—or can obtain—the funding to translate the new data insights into interventions.

Our grantees

Our first three grant-supported projects differ in nature but illustrate how data
can be used in new and different ways for increased social impact.



AidData’s GeoQuery is a ground-breaking self-service tool that enables nonprofits without significant computational power or deep data science expertise to aggregate satellite, economic, health, conflict, and more subnational data into a single simple-to-use file compatible with Microsoft Excel or other software. The grant from the Cloudera Foundation will help improve AidData’s infrastructure to further enhance accessibility, while making more datasets available to more nonprofits.


Terre des hommes

Terre des hommes’ IeDa project has equipped hundreds of clinics in West Africa with computer tablets to help health professionals diagnose and treat preventable diseases of children under the age of five. The grant from the Cloudera Foundation supports the use of this data to further reduce child mortality and equip the Ministries of Health with additional insights into how to detect health threats and improve resource allocation.

Urban Institute

Urban Institutes' Education Data Portal standardizes datasets on schools, districts, and colleges, allowing anyone regardless of statistical training to access and analyze the data. The grant from the Cloudera Foundation will accelerate the Portal’s ability to process, aggregate, and return data in seconds, as well as create user-focused data dashboards that reach new audiences.


Data4Change capacity building

We recognize that many nonprofits may not yet have the capacity to harness the potential of data for impact. That’s why we are not only committed to building the capacity of our grantees but are also interested in engaging in broader capacity building efforts. Get in touch with us if you represent a nonprofit association or other nonprofit platform that is interested in partnering with us to build data capacity in the nonprofit sector.

We have launched a new experiment call the Data4Change Accelerator. Read more about it here.


Data4Change responsible use of data

Much of the data that could help inform nonprofit strategies, resource allocations, and impact evaluations is held by other actors, such as the private sector. Currently, access to that data is granted on a case-by-case basis, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. We are partnering with efforts such as GovLab’s Data Stewards initiative and World Economic Forum’s Epidemic Readiness working group to help create the infrastructure and best practices to reduce those barriers and unlock new opportunities for impact.

Cloudera Cares Action Report

Cloudera Cares has grown exponentially over the past three years, raising $640,000 for 760 nonprofits and empowering hundreds of volunteers to assist 62 organizations. Learn more in the Cloudera Foundation’s first Cloudera Cares Action Report.

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